Youth Ministry

Students in junior high and high school are invited to journey together to work towards: faith formation, community building, and kingdom ministry.


Separate age groups meet every Tuesday evening throughout the school year.  These groups learn together by spending time exploring faith-based curricula, praying, and participating in monthly servant events.  Typically a group is led by three volunteers and has seven - ten students.  If you are interested in connecting with a group, please contact the Program Coordinator.


Flare is the name of ICRC’s youth group. It was chosen by the youth, because God calls us to be the light of the world.

Flare is a safe space where youth connect socially, participate in events and activities, and build relationships. This group meets once a month.

Next Up: April 26th!

What would you like to happen this month? Talk to the PC before April 15th with your ideas!


Periodically, CRC churches across the city gather together for events to have fun and grow as a whole community in Edmonton.

May 31st is a Square Dance!

Don your plaid and cowboy boots for a fun night of square dancing!


All youth welcome!

Have questions? Looking for information? Talk to the Program Coordinator!

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