Community Outreach

Inglewood CRC’s Outreach Committee is responsible for running various ministries, striving “to be the hands and feet of Jesus” in the community. Each ministry has a unique community among those who frequent it; and, with their longstanding presence, most have become distinctly known in the Inglewood neighbourhood culture.

Neighbourhood Table

Developed after a successful 6-week summer pilot project in the summer of 2015; now, twice a month, a nutritious meal is provided at the Inglewood Community League. These meals are designed to reduce hunger, promote healthy eating, improve mental health, and build community.

This ministry is funded through grants from:

  • An Aboriginal Project

  • The Edmonton Public School Board

  • The Outreach Committee Budget

  • Private Donations

  • The Edmonton Food Bank

This ministry is supported through dedicated volunteers who cook and serve the food to those attending the dinners. Volunteer support is imperative for this ministry to be able to provide these meals to the public. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact The Outreach Committee.

Soccer Camp

4 years running, this annual soccer camp is hosted through a partnership with “Athletes in Action”. Each summer, more than 40 children from ICRC and the neighbourhood gather at the Inglewood community soccer fields for a time of faith and physical fitness.

This camp promotes a healthy and active lifestyle, teaches soccer skills, shares Bible stories, and builds community. Snacks and lunches are provided.

This group that has fun together through physical activity and meaningful discussions about the love of Jesus, is supported by a group of enthusiastic athletes and volunteers who help guide the children that attend.

Soccer Camp 2019 was a smash! We look forward to seeing everyone again at Soccer Camp 2020!

If you would like to be involved in preparing this ministry for next year, please talk to Judy.

Collective Kitchen

Contact the office if you would like to take part in the fall!

This initiative seeks to teach community members how to prepare and provide low cost, nutritious meals at home.

Participants pay a small amount per family member to be involved in this group.

The Outreach Committee sponsors this group, providing emotional support for community members, and money per person that is used for the food to prepare the meal.

Native Healing Centre

The Outreach Committee is also involved with The Edmonton Native Healing Centre, supporting them in their work.

The Outreach committee donates turkeys for the ENHC’s Christmas party, and gathers socks, mitts, gloves, and hats in the winter for the participants from the centre.