Children's Ministries


Nursery care is available year-round during the Sunday morning service for children up to age 2. They are watched by a group of volunteers so parents can be fully present in worship, knowing their children are well-looked after. Please remember to sign your children in and out of the nursery.

Power Hour

Power Hour is a fun filled way for kids to learn more about Jesus, and to grow in their faith, following the Kid Connection curriculum. All children from age 3 to grade 4 are invited to join Power Hour after being dismissed from the service, for a time of praise and worship, a Bible story and time in a small group setting to learn how to apply God’s teachings to their lives.

We pray and sing together, do crafts and games and eat great snacks! The children are encouraged to do acts of service in the church with the Gotcha! program, our way of helping them see that there are no small acts of service when done in Jesus’ name.

There are also special Sundays called Center Sunday, in which the kids explore a Biblical theme in surprising ways! We hope to excite and inspire kids to love Jesus and to let their light shine. All our welcome, join us!

Power Hour is on summer break! We look forward to seeing you again in the Fall!


The Inglewood Cadet Group meets every other Tuesday of the month (September through May), from 6:30 – 8:00pm.  Evenings include Bible study, projects, badge work, and games.

Cadets is a children’s ministry whose purpose is to provide local churches with a ministry program that will enable them to effectively share Christ’s love with boys from their church and community. Founded in 1952, the Corps has more than 600 clubs throughout North America. The Cadet program at Inglewood is geared towards boys from grades 2 to 7.

There are several major events in each Cadet season:

  • Floor Hockey Tournament – Held every year at the Edmonton Garrison, the Cadet floor hockey tournament allows each participating church in Edmonton to form their own floor hockey team and compete for the trophy.

  • Snow Derby – Located at Blackfoot Recreation Area near Elk Island National Park, this event allows the boys to test their winter survival skills. Using a survival sled loaded with supplies, the boy complete a circuit that tests their skills in first aid, fire building, orienteering, shelter building and more.

  • Cub Car Rally – This event allows all the Cadets in the Edmonton Area to gather and race the cub cars they have constructed during their regular Cadet meetings.

  • Campout – Every four years the Greater Edmonton Cadet Council hosts a campout. On off-years, Inglewood’s Cadet group holds their own campout, spending two nights and three days in the wilderness discussing and learning about God’s creation and testing their knowledge and survival skills in the woods.


GEMS is a girls’ ministry that was founded in 1957 under the name Calvinettes. GEMS stands for Girls Everywhere Meeting the Saviour, and its vision is to “see girls around the world actively and enthusiastically expressing love for God and others — girls equipped, motivated, and passionately engaged in living out their faiths.”

Currently, GEMS at Inglewood is available for girls in grades 2-6, but the curriculum is available for grades 1-8. We meet an average of twice a months from October to April. Every evening begins with listening to an opening devotional and reciting the theme verse. We then split up into smaller groups and work on a craft or activity that is often tied to a badge or the theme.

In recent years, GEMS have expanded their evenings by including service projects for the Youth Empowerment and Support Services (YESS), and The Native Healing Centre. GEMS is also making the ministry more intergenerational by pairing each girl with a senior woman in the congregation.


Volunteering for GEMS

What makes GEMS a great ministry to volunteer for is its structure and resources available so that counselors and club coordinators are not left to themselves to figure it all out. Every year GEMS headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan, develops an annual theme based on a scripture passage. The, they try to make that passage come alive for the girls in the form of devotionals, songs, badge work, service projects, and crafts. There is an annual conference for counselors and club coordinators that present the theme, and equip women from all over the U.S. and Canada.

A big part of the GEMS ministry is bringing in volunteers from the congregation to lead a craft or activity. If you would like to use your gifts to lead a craft or activity night, sport night, share an experience, or go through a book of the Bible with the GEMS, please let one of the counselors know.

Next season (Fall 2019-Spring 2020), the GEMS will also need 2 more counselors. Please contact the office for more information about getting involved.