Profession of Faith

Are you a baptized member? Are you thinking about taking on the adult responsibilities of a professing membership?

It might be time to consider making your Public Profession of Faith in Jesus Christ. Pastor John would be happy to talk with you about this next step of Christian discipleship.

What is Profession of Faith?

Public Profession of Faith, though not a specific Biblically mandated practice, is nevertheless an especially important milestone by which persons affirm their baptism, express personal trust in Jesus Christ, and indicate their pledge to follow Christ. It marks a time in which a believer is ready for new responsibilities and roles in the life of the church. It also offers the Christian community rich opportunities to express gratitude for the work of God in the lives of His children. The opportunity for public Profession of Faith is a gift, then, both for individuals, and for God’s Church.

When can I take part?

Profession of Faith classes will likely take place in the Spring, on a Wednesday or Thursday evening. Scheduling will try to take into consideration the preferences of those who wish to participate.