Prayer Ministry

Prayer is an important part of connecting with God and others, and helping to lift them up, as well as seek direction from the Lord. As Peter Hoytema wrote: “At it’s core, prayer involves an ever-deepening relationship with God. Prayer cultivates a deep desire for God, the kind of longing for God that Psalm 84 expresses so well. Through prayer we are able to actually experience the presence of God.”

We at Inglewood are hoping to excite and refresh the prayer ministry at our church.

The Prayer Ministry at Inglewood has three branches in addition to Sunday Prayer Support (see below), providing many opportunities to support and connect with your brothers and sisters in Christ, and to pray for our church, its ministries, the world missions, and various communities in Edmonton.

Prayer Group

Prayer Group meets every other Tuesday morning at 10:00am at the church. They pray for many needs, including the young people of ICRC, neighbourhoods in Edmonton, and various needs of ICRC.

In this group they come before God in spoken and silent prayer, bringing Him their joys, sorrows, needs, and thanks.

Prayer Chain

The Prayer Chain is available for on-call support, to pray with you as you go through big events in your life. They will help to walk alongside you and seek guidance from the Lord during your time of need, whether it be a single instance, an emergency, or ongoing.

What does this look like?

When you call with your request, they can pray with you over the phone before it gets passed to the chain. Once you hang up, it immediately gets forwarded to the members of the Prayer Chain who will stop what they’re doing to pray for you.

Whether a time of trial, discernment, or joy, members of the prayer chain are able to provide you immediate support and walk with you on your journey.

Prayer Partners

Prayer Partners have traditionally paired Youth with a senior member of the congregation who agrees to pray for them over the year. They meet with each other throughout the year at planned events, and develop relationships with one another. This year, there are approximately 18 Youth who need prayer partners.

This ministry is expanding to include whomever in the congregation would like to take part.

You are encouraged to sign up for a prayer partner, and grow in faith as you pray for them throughout the year.

Sunday Prayer Support

Sunday Prayer Support is available every week in the Prayer Room immediately following the 10:00am service on Sundays.

What does this look like?

After you leave the Sanctuary, two members from the prayer ministry team will be waiting inside the prayer room to pray with you. If the door is closed, they are currently praying with someone. Please wait until the door opens again, which indicates that they are ready for the next person.

What do they pray about?

Anything you like. Whether you know what you need prayer for, would like healing prayer, or would just like to pray with someone. they are happy and willing to pray with you.

Questions? Requests? Looking to get involved?

Contact Sharon — she will be happy to talk with you.

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