Young Adults Ministry

Young Adults Ministry at Inglewood is an inviting place for people to gather together in fellowship, fun, and study throughout the year. All are welcome to join us as we grow together as people, as a group, and as children of God.

Stopped going to church? You are welcome here.

Have questions or doubts? You are welcome here.

Can’t make it every week? You are welcome here.

Broke beyond belief? You are welcome here.

In your ripped jeans, fancy dress, messy hair – you are welcome here.

The Gist

“How old is a Young Adult?” you ask? Good question! Here, Young Adults are 18-35…ish. We’re not super focused on your age. We’d rather get to know you and support you as a community of young people. Unmarried or married, you are welcome..

“What happens in Young Adults Ministry?” you ask? That’s a big question. There’s always room for growth and changes, but here’s what it looks like right now:


Beginning February 21st at 7:00pm, we will meet to study God’s Word using the Biblical Foundations approach.


Every other month we gather together to take part in a Service Event, living out our faith by serving God’s people in Edmonton.


Every other month we pick something fun we’d like to do as a group. Are you interested in bowling? Skating? Berry Picking? Camping? Chances are, we are too.

"How can I get involved?" Hey, that's a great question, too! Feel free to show up whenever we're getting together and introduce yourself -- we'd love to meet you. Have some questions first? Talk to the Program Coordinator -- she'd be happy to meet you for a coffee and chat.

Up Next: Christmas Party; Thursday, December 13th at 7:00pm.

“Bring your own snacky food”.

We will also being doing a Christmas gift exchange: $4.00-$10.00.

Extra points for ugly Christmas attire.

Biblical Foundations Retreat

You may have heard that we’re having a retreat.

On February 8th, 2019, we’ll be meeting at ICRC to load up vehicles and drive out to Camp Warwa. We’ll be gone from Friday evening to Sunday evening. Carpooling is available.

We will spend the weekend learning about the Biblical Foundations approach to studying the Bible.

“That’s great, but what is Biblical Foundations?” The short version? We’re going back to basics and learning how to use tools that will help us make the most of our Bible. We’re going to be learning how and where to find lost verses, how to get extra information out of our Bibles, and how this helps us in our daily life with God’s word.

This retreat is open to young adults from all over Edmonton of any denomination. Feel free to click that “Program Coordinator” link above so that you can register to join us!

I’m a Student

That’s great! We have some pretty cool connections to Universities, too. You’re welcome to join in any of our Young Adults happenings listed above, but here’s where you’ll find some extra student-specific information.

Have you met the chaplains at the U of A or Kings? They’re nice people (they’ll probably give you coffee, too.).

This December, we’re partnering with them to host students for Christmas dinners over the holidays. If you chat with one of them, they’ll help get you connected to a host family for dinner over the holidays.