Welcome Ministry

What Is Welcome Ministry?

The Welcome Ministry began in 2013 as a branch of Outreach Ministry.  Twelve “Connectors” or “Welcome Greeters” were trained to be present on Sunday mornings. Their goal is to intentionally identify newcomers each Sunday, introduce themselves, and provide newcomers with brochures and information about Inglewood, and connections to other people, programs, and activities.

A “Welcome Meet and Greet” where new people are invited to meet the leadership can be offered when there is enough need and volunteers.

Who Are “Connectors”, And What Do They Do?

Like “Greeters” (located near the front offices), “Connectors” (or “Welcome Greeters”) give a warm welcome to persons who attend Sunday service. However; “Connectors” are placed near the front door so they can easily spot and talk to those they aren’t familiar with, and offer opportunities for them to learn more about our church, staff, and ministries.

When it’s their turn on Sundays, “Connectors” are present 30 minutes before and after the service, focused and aware of newcomers to Inglewood CRC.

The rotation for “Connectors” can be adapted to fit your schedule, so for those who head south for the winter and/or maintain busy schedules, they can still have an opportunity to participate.

Want To Know More?

Contact the office. Someone will happily talk with you about what you'd like to know!