Service Opportunities

It takes a great deal of support to minister to the congregation and Edmonton communities. Without enough volunteer support, ministries are not able to adequately provide for the congregation.

Below, you will find opportunities within our church to use your gifts for the glory of God. Please prayerfully consider using your time and gifts to help the ministries of our church care for its parishioners.


Do you have a service opportunity you would like to see here? Please use the “Write Page Content” option under Collaboration to submit your posting.


Are you gifted with a passion for working with children?

Share your gifts to help children grow in faith through fun activities and mentorship.


Cadets is looking for volunteer leaders to help mentor young boys in grades 2-7 as they grow together in faith through Bible study, projects, badge work, and games. Cadets meets every other Tuesday from 6:30pm-8:00pm.

There is currently a need for at least one more leader.

Looking to find out more about Cadets? Click here.

Women’s Group

Women’s Group is an intergenerational group of women supporting each other as they journey through life. Many women have children who are in need of faith-filled care while their mothers attend this group so that they can take the time to focus on their self-care and faith enrichment in this supportive environment.

The time commitment for childminders is approximately two hours per session. If you are not able to commit on a regular basis, but would like to support the women and their children with your gifts of childcare when you are able, please contact the Program Coordinator.

There is currently a need for at least two childminders.

If you are gifted with the ability to lead, and enjoy facilitating conversation and prayer, please consider leading Women’s Group during the 2019-2020 season.

For more information about Women’s Group, click here.


GEMS are in need of volunteers to lead a craft or activity night, sport night, share an experience, or go through a book of the Bible with the GEMS during the 2019-2020 season. If you are able to use your gifts to support this ministry, please let one of the counselors know.

The GEMS are also looking for 2 counselors for the Fall 2019-Spring 2020 season.

To learn more about GEMS ministry, click here.


Do you have a passion for teaching?

Share your love of knowledge with others by using your gifts of teaching to support their Christian education.


Catechism is in need of six teachers for the 2019-2020 season to accommodate this growing ministry. If you are not able to commit to every week or every other week, a rotation of teachers that teach less frequently can be assembled. Please contact the Program Coordinator to inquire further.

For more information about Catechism, click here.


Do you have a fire in your heart for mentoring young people?

Spend some time helping to shape young lives as they grow in faith, reach milestones, and explore their person-hood as children of God.


Flare is the more social aspect of Inglewood CRC’s Youth Ministry. Throughout the 2018-2019 season they have participated in nights of games, bowling, Halloween Laser Tag, “Flannel Manly Pancakes”, Christmas Party, Glow golf and mirror maze, and more! Flare currently meets once a month to engage in fun events that foster community among the youth.

A minimum of six youth leaders is needed for the 2019-2020 season to accommodate the needs of this growing ministry. If you are not able to commit to every month, a rotation can be arranged. The more leaders we have, the less frequently you are needed!

For more information about Flare, click here.

Young Adults

The Young Adults group is in need of co-leadership to help keep the group running. If you have an interest in leadership as a young person, or an older person with a passion for mentoring younger people, please contact the office to get involved.

To find out more information about Young Adults, click here.


Are you gifted with sharing a warm welcome with others?

Smiles and kind greetings at the door are one way you can use your gifts to support community in our church.

Welcome Ministry

The Welcome Ministry is a group of trained volunteers whose focus is to spot newcomers to the congregation, provide them with a special welcome, and help to connect them to resources and people they may need.

Volunteers are placed on a roster and volunteer on Sunday mornings on a rotational basis.

For more information about Welcome Ministry, click here.


Do you have an interest in online media?

Our church is striving to keep updated with the world online.


The website has undergone many changes this past year as we continue to communicate in a digital age. There is a need for someone to keep the website updated throughout the year, and help use their media creations to communicate special events, services, and ministry opportunities throughout the year.

If this is something you are interested in, please contact the office.

Social Media

We need help maintaining Inglewood’s presence on Instagram and Facebook.

If you are able to help keep our social media accounts updated, and use your creativity to communicate Christian messages, and our church and community’s events with our online world, please contact the office.


Throughout the year, we have a need for creative images. We use these in e-mails, promotions, on the website, and on social media.

If you have a creative mind for pictures, creating special images, and editing photos, we would love to have you work with us this year. Please contact the office for more information.


Do you enjoy discerning ministry?

There is a group of ministry leaders from different CRC churches in Edmonton that are learning about ministering to young adults in today’s world. This group has committed to meet together a few times a year with the Classis Consultant for youth and young adults ministries to grow together as a group, pray together, and try and discern the path God is directing for our ministry to young adults.

Inglewood CRC is in need of a new representative to participate in this group. If this is of inerest to you, please contact the office for more information.

Are these opportunities not in your wheelhouse? Are you looking for a different time commitment? Contact the office for more ways to get involved.