Student Serve Blog

From Friday

Today is Friday but honestly it feels like its still Tuesday. The week has just flown by and I wish it could have lasted longer. I have had such a great time in Arizona, from the people to the projects it has just been a great experience. We had people come from Pennsylvania, Oregon, Texas and most importantly, Canada.

We worked at the garden and greenhouse where we were staying, at a nearby school, at the kids club hosted by the mission and a nearby house.  One of my favourite things was hiking The Window Rock. Another super cool thing was meeting people from all over America and even though we didn’t know each other at all we instantly bonded with each other.

My mom went with me on this trip and I was totally against it at the beginning because I thought she was going to act like my mom the entire trip but she promised she wouldn’t and she kept true to her word. It was a really neat experience having her on the trip with me and I would definitely go with her again.

There was two things I disliked about this trip, the first was having to wait around for a while sometimes, and the second was having to say goodbye to my new friends. You could definitely feel God at work the entire week. From the group singing and devotions to the people we met and their intense love for God and for each other. When we were on the mountain you could feel God in the wind and in the brilliant sunset.

Thank you so much for supporting and donating to us, it might just seem like and expensive dinner and giving away your empties but it has helped us have one of the most amazing weeks of our lives. Thank you.

- Andrew