Student Serve Blog

Making Memories

The week has flown by and it’s been a wonderful week.

The first work project day Jarin, Tirza, Geoff and I along with another group of people went to the middle school (where we showered every day at 3:00) andswept up stones, picked weeds, giant weeds with long roots, cut down some small bushes in an area where the caretaker said kids would hide at night so they could get back into the school at night, and we did some painting of lines on the parking lot. It was very hot but the kids worked without complaining and drank a lot of water and completed the project.

Our group’s second day of work was preparing for kids club for the events they were going to enjoy in the afternoon.  We were at kids club for two days and our kids had so much fun running around, playing games, giving piggy back rides, singing and bonding with the kids from the area. 

We have seen Jarin, Tirza and Andrewbecome quick friends with kids from Texas, Oregon and Pennsylvania and were easily caught up in games of signs, cards, apples to apples, football. We have enjoyedso much laughter, teasing, joking and fun together making memories that they will never forget.

Ask Geoff about the one-eyed dog on the pickup site and ask Jarin about his climb up the mountain conquering some fears. As we make our way home today we get to enjoy each other’s company for a few more days and my prayer for these three kids is that the memories they make will last forever and that they will know how deep and how wide the Father’s love is for them.