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Hugs and Piggy Back Rides

I have been so impressed with Geoff's leadership skills on the trip so far. Well, that's what he told to write for the beginning of my blog entry because I had no clue how to start. Fort Defiance is great I was expecting more heat though... everyone here is so nice and inviting.

Yesterday we went to the kids club ALL the kids want hugs and piggy back rides and so inviting and this is so neat to experience. While we waited for the kids to show up we played games and talked about how Canada and the States are different. We played with water did singing crafts and just played with the kids. The kids have so much love even though they know they might not see us again. After kids club, we went to the school to take showers even though you had to take the quickest shower ever it was still great. Yesterday was the 4th of July so we got to celebrate by going to the rodeo most of us were excited to go but it didn't start till 8 so we decided to go to McDonald's for ice cream; so in the McDonald's there was at least 30 of us. When we got back we had a worship service.

This worship service was so different from the day before no one was holding back on how they worshipped.

no one was holding back on how they worshipped.

After that, we stayed outside to watch fireworks I was so excited for fireworks because they apparently are much better. They were okay but they are better in the big cities. Sitting outside was really fun as we waited for the fireworks we talked about stuff they have in the states but not in Canada and vice versa we just kind of messed around and had fun so a great end to a great day.

Thank you for your prayers.