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Can't Wait for Taco Tuesday

I am finally in Fort Defiance!! We had a fun and relaxing drive down here. I could tell everyone was excited to go on this trip as soon as we left Edmonton. The jokes and silly comments made the trip down feel like only one day rather than three.

Today we did some personal devotions in the morning and the theme for this week is God LOVES Us. After devotions we spent the day going to something called kids club and got to play games, sing songs, and have a huge water fight with the kids from around the community. There was only 25 kids who came to kids club today which was below the normal amount but we made the best of it. It was amazing to see how the kids were not shy at all. They wanted piggy back rides all the time from anyone of us.

For tomorrow we will split up and some groups will go back to kids club and other groups will do work projects.

I think my group will be either painting or gardening we will get our marching orders in the morning. It has been great to meet the other volunteer kids and leaders form other churches.

The majority of them are from Texas so I'm sure taco Tuesday will be a big hit. Speaking of food I'm going to eat dinner now so that's all I have for today.

Thank you for all your prayers- Keith