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Mac & Cheetos and One Liners

Well, I guess we made it here in with relative ease, we did have small problem at the Lava Hot Springs in Idaho and a certain Burger King just outside of Arizona (in which Geoff forced me to endure an order of Mac and Cheetos.) Save for those events, the ride down was okay in the grand scheme of things.

Last night we finally arrived at our destination and started meeting the people we would be spending the next couple days with. We ate with them, sang with them, and today we will be working with them at different work sites around the area. 

I'm excited for the experiences and growth that this trip will provide. - Jarin

Three weeks ago I had no inkling that I would be in Arizona on the serve trip. Geoff approached me about chaperoning and I was very hesitant. I didn't want to make it uncomfortable for Andrew as well as did I want to use my week of holidays sweating profusely and being cramped in a vehicle for three days down and three days back. But with prayer and talking with various people and my family, here I am sitting in a large room in a Mission in Fort Defiance, Arizona. The views on the drive were so spectacular, beautiful mountains, scrubby bushes, red rocks and stretches of land where there was nothing and we wondered why people live here and what do they do. Humour is never far in this group, with each kid having a wicked sense of humour and one liners that keep us laughing. I am happy to be here and to see these three kids grow, change, form deeper friendships with each other and with our Lord. Today we begin our adventure with the kids club as a whole group of 68 people and then off tonight to celebrate the Fourth of July. Andrew and Jarin are both sporting their amazing patriotic shirts to get in the spirit of the day.  

Thank you all for your prayers. - Karen.