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Last Travel Day

Where to start?

Last Monday, when we were picking up our tools and materials before heading to our worksite, I was told I would be on the most challenging site. That made me very nervous. It was clearing a yard for a couple and their son. Jenna, the mom is in a wheel chair and they are unable to keep up with the yard. It was very overwhelming to walk into a yard that is 320 ft long and know where to start. There was stuff everywhere: old cars, a boat, vacuum cleaners, leftover construction supplies. My team of kids were amazing, we made a plan and got to work. By the 4th day, it was amazing the stories we got to hear from the homeowners. Just about every item in that yard had a story to go with it. I had both Ben and Logan on my team and got to spend a lot of time talking and getting to know them better as we were working!

We did take a lot of water breaks as on the first day we cut down most of the trees that provided shade. This meant working in the hot sun during a heat wave. At the end of the week we planted a new tree in the back yard to replace a big tree that had died but had a lot of sentimental value to Jenna. At the base of the tree we placed a rock that we had all signed. The whole idea came from the kids as I challenged them to think of something that would be a reminder to The family of our time there. They out did themselves this week. 

As for the kids we brought with us... We soon got named the Canadians. I am so proud of each and every one of them. They tackled things this week that they wouldn't have at home.

All of our kids went up to the front of the church nightly to praise God. They sang and swayed to the music and felt the presence of God! The leaders have been great to spend time with as well. If you really want to get it know someone, spend 2 solid weeks with them. Going into the trip, Sherry Wine and I really didn't know much about each other; other than our daughters are best friends. We have come to realize we have a lot in common except she is way crazier than me!!! It has been a great couple of weeks but I have to say I can't wait to be home to sleep in my own bed not have to live out of duffle bag anymore! Thanks to everyone for your continued prayers for us! Only one more travel day left!

Sherri M