Student Serve Blog

The Most Memorable Moment

During my Serve trip I spent the majority of the time working on the worksite, mostly painting. I was really hoping to make a connection with the women at our worksite, Angel Steps. Unfortunately, we had a lot of work to do, and the women had their own things keeping them busy.

I thought I hadn't built any strong relationships with any of the people there, especially the kids. But on the last night three of the kids sat with me during the worship service. They wouldn't stop talking, so I had to take them outside so they wouldn't disturb the service.

While we were outside they wanted to show me their singing. All three of them sang to me! They were slightly shy at first, but in the end they all sang loud and clear. The kids were so humble, but they were so amazing! They cried when they had to go back home, I started crying too. 

Even the ladies I had barely talked too hugged me and thanked us. Two of the women at our site came to the front of the church. They talked about their past with domestic violence and their addictions. They were crying because they felt as though God was ignoring them. But now they were so happy, they thanked God. Now they want to come to church whenever they can, and they want to go even when they are out of the program. 

They even gave us a poster with their hand prints and thank you messages. I'm so thankful to have made connections with those women and their children. And I hope what we have done stays with them for a long time. Also that the love and passion they felt for God during that service stays with them throughout their time at angel steps.

Thank you for your prayers and support! Your contributions have made a difference.