Student Serve Blog

Isaiah 40:31

As many or few of you know I last minute decided to go on the Serve trip this year to California. Don’t ask me why I had a sudden urge, but I believe that things happen for a reason and I was meant to be here.

On my way here I arrived a day earlier by plane since I had family vacation the previous week(s). Being put on a plane (my choice and only choice) I was going through all sorts of emotions of being freakishly EXCITED and somewhat nervous all at the same time, so being forgotten to be picked up at the LAX Airport at around 10:15 at night by myself was definitely NOT on the list of things I wanted to experiment while on my very first airplane ride.

On the bright side, I’m still alive and writing this so it couldn’t have been that bad…

On the other bright side, the pastor from Bellflower church and her husband kindly picked me up at the airport a half-hour later and welcomed me to there home for a place to stay for the night.
The next morning (the day everyone arrives) I went to the church early with Pastor Bonny's husband to help set up and be a part of welcoming everyone when they arrived. The moment I really knew that I was meant to be here at serve was when Bonnie, Tonya, and some of the other ladies noticed and pointed out to me that the Bible verse on my back “Isaiah 40:31” was Bible verse we were focused on throughout our week which is “But those who hope in the Lord; will renew their strength and rise up on wings like eagles”.

Our week on serve was all about Renew and renewing our faith with God, and even though my faith with God fully didn’t get renewed. I know my faith with him started to be renewed with him because he showed me where I was supposed to be.