Student Serve Blog

God Has Called Me Here

These days at Serve and before Serve have really come to impact me as a Christian and me as a person. I really like to take everything that happens and really look deep into the meanings of everything that is happening.

The first night in the church was a really good time, everyone was getting along and playing games. I liked this because everyone didn’t have Wi-Fi or the ability to use their phones which made everyone come together and connect with one another. It is really heart warming to see stuff like this happen. Even traveling in the cars with different people in the church group that I didn’t really know was a good and fun experience. It's fun to meet and talk to new people. 

I really like how our church leaders turn things that seem like that wouldn’t be fun into great and memorable times. The first days at the actual church that hosted the trip was awesome. I was able to meet new people and old friends that I met 2 years ago. It's awesome to meet new people and connect with everyone. The work site that I am at is insanely tiring, Sometimes I want to just stop and quit working on the job site, but I always remember that God has sent me here and he wants to lead me to help people. I have to stay focused and remember that helping people is always a good thing to do.

The people that I have met at the worksite are great people. I have connected with the father the most at the worksite because both of us are interested in cars and stuff like that. I will be very sad to leave this place but will be just as thrilled to come back anytime soon.