Student Serve Blog

Arizona 2016 - Day 1

This is the Serve Trip that seems to keep changing on the run.  Originally slated for Dallas, Texas, a quick change was needed to take in the account of low numbers on the Dallas site.  So we moved to Fort Defiance, Arizona which is a first nations site working along side of the Navajo people.  The group of kids that we where expecting to take also changed from a hoped for large group, to a much smaller group of younger students. 


All that being said, things are going much better than expected. 

We have spent the past couple of days in close proximity to one another and getting to know each other better.  These students know each other already.  Spending years together in small groups helps with that, but this is different - the setting and context are much different.  My interest in this trip keeps growing as I watch our students and leaders interact and care for each other.

This past two days we have traveled down I-15 through Montana, Idaho and are now in Utah. 

We stayed last evening at the Green Meadows Christian Reformed Church after a quick dinner. 

We were up early this morning before a brief stop at Lava Hot Springs to cool off and get rid of the smell that has been a growing reality.  We have just arrived in Sandy, Utah where we will have dinner before a good nights sleep.  Tomorrow we plan to be on site in Ft. Defiance Arizona to meet the other serve participants and the Youthworks Staff. Please keep us in your prayers.