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Craig's Story

Frank and Craig

I spent four and a half hours talking to Craig at the Allan House and this is his story. Allan House is my worksite for the week. Allan House is a transitional house for recovery drug addicts and alcoholics.

Craig is a former drug abuser and former pastor. Started with weed and crack cocaine, then he stopped. He started going to school to be a licensed vocational nurse. He lost his job as a nurse because he went back to using drugs. He stopped using again, to pursue seminary school. Craig was voted to be a pastor by his congregation. He was a pastor for 10 years until he was so overwhelmed and frustrated he made one bad decision; he walked away from the church to get high and never came back. His wife had to tell the congregation what had happened to him.
After Craig got out of jail, he went to his Mom’s house and she told him to get help. She said that if he was to continue he would end up in prison and she could die before he got out. While Craig was in prison, his mom was on a cruise and got back to Florida where she had a major heart and died. Craig never did see his mother again.
Craig was on his last $20 and got one more hit of crack and was looking for a way out. He walked past a Hispanic man lying on the ground in Skid Row, stole his wallet and took off. Then he woke up, the police chased Craig and caught up with him. The police were going to charge him but the Hispanic man said, “No jail!” The police repeated that they wanted to charge him but the was pertinent that Craig should not go to jail. If Craig was to go to jail, he was looking at a 25-year sentence; a death sentence.
Craig was looking for a way out; a sign. As he walked past the police station he heard a voice in his head telling him to go into the police station. He ignored the voice and continued to walk past the police station. The voice got louder, and this time he listened. He told the police his name and that he was suicidal. They put him in cuffs and in jail for 3 days. From there he went to another house for 10 days before he was accepted at the Allan House.
Evening Worship
At the Allan House he leads prayer and worship every Sunday. Craig has been 99 days at Allan and vows not to go back to drugs. He is known as preacher Craig, brother Craig, and inspiration. He has 2 kids a 1-month old granddaughter. His goal is to find a job and go to school to be a counselor so he can work at Allan House.

Please keep us in your prayers.