Student Serve Blog

Ball at Long Beach

The beautiful California Sunday morning started early at 6:00AM as the group of boys including myself woke up to wait for the vehicles to drive us to the junior high school to shower. The weather was one of the many things I enjoyed about being here in California as well as the torturous heat that isn’t as often in Canada.

The morning was very early and the rinse was only awakening for some of us. We then sat outside waiting for the ride back most of us had missed. Sitting outside, we were grateful that we weren’t being scorched or frozen. When we all arrived back to the campus we had a wonderful breakfast. Breakfast burritos with bacon, eggs, and hash browns was one of the many great things that helped a lot of us through the morning.

After the meal we continued to personal devotions where we proceeded to pray to God together and have a one on one interaction with him about ourselves and personal issues we are confronting.

Once we had our breakfast we entered onto the stage of the church to be introduced by the people of Rosewood and be kindly granted blessings from them. We were then seated from the stage to sit down and we all praised God loudly as we sang songs together. After we all left the church we went outside to take a group picture and then we all split up to go do our own things during break.

     After some of us had naps we proceeded to lunch to eat some food called salad. We were all grateful for our dismissal after lunch as we were all impatient waiting to go to either Long Beach or Hollywood. Plenty of groups met outside to load into the vans.

Once we all thankfully made it to the beach, we all unloaded and went to start the day with a game of basketball. Geoff, Ben, Curtis, and I chose our teams and played until we began to warmup. After warmup we started to take this game of basketball seriously by making a bet on a 2v2 game where me and Ben obliterated Curtis and Geoff making them pay for our milkshakes. After all it was a pretty good day at the beach.