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The "Therapy Car"

Today was one of the best days yet. In the morning, the guys took less than 45 minutes to get ready, leaving the guys waiting for another hour or so before the girls finally got all their makeup and whatever they do in their own time.

We drove off to the Coca-Cola Store and the M&M store in Vegas. First, we couldn’t find any pace to park so the caring leaders, Geoff, Sherri and Frank stayed with the cars while all the kids went off to have fun on the strip. I bought birch beer at the Coke store which is like root beer but even better. When we were getting prepared to leave the strip, everyone realizes that Sherry W was still in the Coke Store, this was a mistake because the parking lot was free for the first hour, and we made it back just in time. The drive was really boring, but I had the opportunity to ride in the “Therapy Car”. Geoff and Curtis were really successful in annoying me to the point where I wanted to jump out the car.

In Bellflower, I finally got the chance to reunite with people I haven’t seen in 2 years. I also got the chance to meet lots of new people, most of them making fun of my accent. To introduce us to the Rosewood church, we got into our worksite teams to compete in a fun “obstacle course”. My team won for the 2nd year in a row by then five minutes.

We worshiped in the church which was very loud, very contrary to Inglewood. We ended the day with a talk with our worksite groups and a root beer float for a snack.

Thank everyone who reads and the ones who don’t for supporting us financially and spiritually. It is awesome being here and I hope it stays that way.



Seth V