Student Serve Blog

Shopping in Vegas!

We travelled even more today, we left Salt Lake City today and headed to Vegas. We got in Vegas at about 3:30 but of course on the way in we have to stop at the Nevada sign where it was 47 degrees!

When we got into Las Vegas we got to our house that we booked for the night and started unloading bags and got rooms figured out and settled in. We had some fun just hanging out at the house.

Then we piled into the cars and headed out to the mall. First, we went on a bit of an adventure around Vegas trying to find some pizza to eat for supper.

We ended up going straight to the mall to do some shopping. We went to an outlet mall. We found lots of stores to explore and have fun in. Then after some shopping, we decided it was finally time to search again for supper. We found a pizza place in the mall and sat together in the food court and hung out and talked and ate pizza.

Then shopped for a little but more then met up and headed home. At home we decided to go for a swim in the pool in the backyard. We played some jackpot and did some swim races. I am looking forward to another day tomorrow. Thanks for all your prayers.

-Emma M