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Emma lost her bag!

Today we drove a long 7 hours to the city of Las Vegas. The original plan was to arrive in Las Vegas around 2 but instead we stopped like every hour. We stopped at Subway for lunch and keep on driving until we hit the Arizona sign and took a picture.

We opened the door and a huge heat wave hit us. Today was around 45 degrees, and that is really hot. This was my first time going to Las Vegas and when we first got there it just looked like any other city. After driving back from the mall all the lights around the strip we turned on and it did look pretty cool

We walked around the mall and everyone keep spitting up and then, Emma M thought she lost one of her bags and we had to walk back to the fossil store and it turned out Sherri had it. The pool was cold at first but it was really relaxing after the day of driving.

I am looking forward to making our way to California tomorrow and starting our service work. Thank you for all your prayers.

-Emma W