Student Serve Blog

Edmonton to Helena!

As per the usual, the first day of driving was long.

Leaving Edmonton at 4, most of the morning was spent either trying to stay awake, or attempting to find a comfortable position to sleep in. As we pulled into Red Deer, looking for doughnuts, we were disappointed to find that the doughnut mill was closed. Pressing on, the next most interesting thing was a bit of traffic on the outskirts of Calgary, after which it was smooth sailing.

Personally I spent most of the ride reading or sleeping, until we got into Helena, and unloaded everything at the church. At the church we went on the ceremonial train track walk, (we did that last time too). On the way back, we met a couple of horses, one of which was missing an eye, kind of creepy. From about 6 to 10, we played a few games, including but not limited to: Anomia, psychiatrist, etc.

All in all, it was not a bad day by serve trip standards