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The Road Home

I made it home today safe and sound. After I waved goodbye to the rest of the group, I was picked up and brought to LAX for my flight home. The goodbye was bittersweet.

Yesterday at Disneyland was awesome! All the students had a great time exploring the magic of Disney. It was a long day, we were not back until almost midnight! 

We spent the night at Valley Christian Middle School, the local CRC school. We had a hectic morning of packing yup our belongings and getting them all into the vans. I think it was better due to the great pump up music I was playing at 7 am! Hopefully the kids had Let It Go stuck in their heads all day! 

I am glad to be home again, but I already miss hanging out with the students. We had such great  fun together all week; playing foosball (lots of foosball), volleyball, 9-square (ask the kids), and worshipping God. It was awesome. -Curtis

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