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Serving in Cali

California. I did not expect it to be like this. Cieyva and I flew instead of drove because we left from Ontario. The second I got into the vehicle I felt like I was going to puke my guts out. We got there on Saturday and started work on Monday, on Sunday, we went to church. So Monday, my group of people, Mallach and Grant from California, Taylor from New Mexico, and Duncan, Jessica, and our leader Todd from Florida went to a family's house to take down a canopy and do some gardening. This family consist of Martha and Gerry (Mr and Mrs Copeland) and their 3 boys and 1 girl (though I don't know their names). A couple years ago, Martha and Gerry went to Bangladesh to help the homeless, but Martha got really sick. Eventually she got so sick, they had to come back. While she was here, she found out about an organization called Safe Homes. Safe Homes is an company that gives a home to kids in need, like a foster home but the families stay together. So Martha wanted to turn her home into a house where these families could live; so we were helping her do that. 

What I thought was really awesome about her was while were in the front yard doing work she said she didn't really care how much work we did. She said that if there was someone walking past it would be better that we talked to them rather than work, so then we could build relationships. 

The other house we are working at, the woman's name is Jerry. Her husband and daughter both died 6 years ago and her house is full of stuff. Todd told us about how the last 2 years that Serve has been to her house she wouldn't let anyone into her house and she wouldn't come out. The most she would do is yell out the door. I think God was really working in her because not only did she come out of her house multiple times she thanked us and had conversations with us. She even let some of us clean up a bit of her house. My perspective of Jerry really changed during the week. In my eyes she changed from a grumpy old lady that hates people to a sweet old lady that just doesn't know how to communicate with people. 

On this trip, I have learned more and  experience more fun than I thought I would. -Ilse