Student Serve Blog

Working & Serving

Our Serve Trip has been full of laughter and tears and many chances to grow closer to God.  This morning (Thursday) before heading to Huntington Beach, we had a "soaking time".   It was a time to spend with God in reflection and devotion.  We could paint, colour, draw, build or just sit and spend time with God.  There was worship music playing, giving us time to just reflect.  

I took the time to paint a pot, attempting to do something creative.  Truthfully, the pot turned out horribly, but that wasn't the point.   The pont was to grow in your relationship with God.  That was for a half hour before we left for the beach.  

We started at our worksites Monday.  The first day everyone was a little apprehensive, not knowing exactly what to expect.  I was at this very kind ladies house in Compton.  Her house was pretty run down because she can't maintain it all herself.  Over the past 3 days, we have fixed her fence, repaired and painted a door and kitchen, and did some outdoor landscaping. She keeps saying that "we are angels and too kind".  I am just glad to be helping her out and have had so much fun helping those that need a little help.  

I have made many friends here at Serve.  I have had tonnes of fun and hope to have the chance for another Serve Trip in the Future.  Cieyva