Student Serve Blog

The Day Away - Huntington Beach

After three full days of working hard - and the students have done some great work - we took off for our day away at Huntington Beach.  Students slept in until 8:00 am this morning, a welcome change to the 6:45 am wake up calls they have refused to get used to.  We had some breakfast and spent some time in personal devotions.  Devo's this morning pushed all of us to use our hands and creativity to give glory to God.  We had the opportunity to paint, sculpt, build something with lego and write.  It was very different, but a well recieved change.  

After morning devo's we loaded buses and traveled to the famous Huntington Beach.  It was great for our group to connect together.  All week we have been in our work teams, and have had little time to connect with one another.  The beach allowed our students to reconnect, debrief and spend some time playing.  Students had an opportunity to swim in the ocean, shop at the pier or just take a walk down the beach.  A highlight was to watch some of our guys rent some surf boards and experience the difficulty of learning a new sport.  They were all humbled.  We are ending the day with another opportunity to workship God with our new friends, work partners and brothers & sisters in Christ.  Everyone seems to be back to great spirits - relaxed and somewhat rested.  Please keep praying for all our students as we close this chapter tomorrow - play together at Disneyland and California Adventure and then make the long drive home.