Student Serve Blog

First Work Day

Today was our first day on the work sites. I am co-leading a group with Coni and we packed our lunches and headed to Foley House, a 6 month live in addictions program for women and children. Our job this week is to catch up on yard work!

We spent the majority of our day moving dirt from one area to another. At Foley House, they have a large fountain the front yard that is somewhat dysfunctional. So we had 2 dump truck loads of dirt dropped off that used to fill up the fountain so it can be used as a planter. With about 10 students shovelling, it didn't take too long!

Our time in Bellflower has been great so far. The weather has been great and the Rosewood CRC Campus is a great place to be. We are always outside playing foosball or ping pong. It's great! 

The devotions this week area leading us through what it means to truly be God's hands and feet to the needy around us. Josh Holweda, the speaker this week, has shared some great stories and offered some tough challenges. Please pray that all the students here at Serve are able to use their stories and experiences to be vulnerable and able to minister to those around them; and also that the needy around them will minister back. Thank you so much for all your prayersthis week. It has been great so far! -Curtis

Today we had our first day of service.  Each group went to a different worksite to help out where needed.  My group went to see Gerry and Willy.  We spent our time talking with Gerry about his time in the army and his travels related to his time in service.  We spent the day cleaning up leaves, so many leaves, in thier yard.  Gerry has many experiences and many stories that follow, on many, many subjects.  Our group likes Gerry.  

After the worksites we had a hawaiian night which brought out some pretty crazy outfits.  It was a really fun night spent building community with one another. Today was a  day packed with new things discovered and I am so glad that I was able to take part in this experience.  - Bryanna