Student Serve Blog

Serve Site - Bellflower, California

Our group has arrived safely at Rosewood Church in Bellflower, California.  The Southern California traffic came somewhat of a surprise and a little chaotic.  We met Curtis, Cieyva & Ilse at the church, who reminded me about the bag in my office, containing thier bedding, they where hoping to use this week.  We will do some shopping at Target tomorrow morning.  

Once on site, students where introduced to the other 120+ particpants taking part in this weeks Serve Project. We were split into our "work groups", a combination of different students from different parts of the country and proceeded to do some crowd breaking games.  These "work groups" will also serve as small groups over the course of the week.  In the evening we were introduced to the worship team and speaker for the week.  Had an hour church service and then spent time in our small groups answering questions related to the service.  

Today we have 2 church services in the morning, before heading off to the San Amonica Pier for an afternoon at the beach.  This evening we will have our second session, talk about worksites and then off to bed before the first day of work.  

All our students are doing well.  Brodie & Stephanie have recovered from a little heat stroke yesterday.  Ilse was a little sick yesterday afternoon, went to bed at dinner time and I haven't seen her yet - I am hoping she is fixed up this morning.  Geoff.