Student Serve Blog

Leaving Las Vegas

Trip started for me back in Edmonton with five boyes in the van.  I have since managed to put names to faces.... they could pretty much all be described as 'the talkative one'.  Wow what energy!!

Arrived yesterday afternoon in Vegas and wandered around at the outdoor mall in 40 degree weather - the brain just can't function at that temperature.  It really makes me miss the -20 degrees!!  Highlights of the days were celebrating Amanda and Zack's birthdays, finding a store called Hot Topics at the indoor mall later in the afternoon, resolving the hotel room booking error (they only had two rooms for us despite two separate conversations requesting 7 rooms!), the kids had fun in the outdoor pool,  the leaders had a meeting in Geoff's room.

The roads have been very good, traffic pretty light, we had a flat tire yesterday on Frank's van - luckily a sherriff stopped to assist and there was a tire store just twenty miles up the road where we got two new front tires.  A minor two hours delay with a little bit of stress but noone the worse for wear.

Our hearts were with our Inglewood family in Edmonton as Buzz's family gathered together in God's house to celebrate, remember and mourn.  We pray for peace and strength for the family and friends.  Take good care of them.

Almost time to pile all the bags back into the car and head for Bellflower and registration where the serve part of the serve trip begins.   I feel blessed to have met the kids on this trip.  Thanks for supporting the team and please continue to pray for us all.  One more coffee before we hit the road!                                                                                                      Coni